The Duryard Songwriting Project

Amy and her partner Tobias moved to Duryard soon after the lockdown started. They got in touch with me, their local Community Builder, to find out more about their neighbourhood and how they could use their skills to engage with their community.

From reading my newsletter, Amy found out that the Northcott Theatre was doing a project called ‘Get Creative’ which encouraged artists and residents to do something creative in their community.

With her songwriting and musical skills, and the need for a community project in Duryard, Amy got the funding.

Over a few weeks, a group of participants from the community, with no previous experience of singing and writing songs, met weekly.

We learned more about each other and enjoyed talking, creating, and recording our own new song. From the comfort of our homes, we expressed our feelings, talked and learned about the community, laughed, filled our days with the brightness of spring and learned something new every week.

This project brought with it so many promising new ideas from those residents who are keen to do something together. We all now know that singing and writing songs is fun and that it could be done, even by amateurs.

After we finished the project, residents were still really keen to carry on singing in a group. We came across the Naturally Healthy Activation Fund, and Amy managed to get the funding to do some more singing in West Garth park. As lockdown restrictions had eased, we met face-to-face, talked, sang outdoor in the park and enjoyed our time.


If you think you have an idea to get your community together, please do get in touch with your local community builder.


Maisaa Sweid (Duryard & St James CB)