Covid-19 Response

As a service that works with residents of Exeter at a neighbourhood level we recognise our responsibility to keep communicating and connecting at the heart of our response to the current situation.  In rapidly changing circumstances we are having to be adaptive, responsive and responsible in how we do this.

Along with others in our profession we are responding by:

  1. Continuing to build and support networks, alliances, and campaigns that ensure those most at risk are protected, safeguarded and considered
  2. Listen and share stories from local communities making sure that local government and others are aware of which groups and communities are most vulnerable
  3. Promote safe-help and keeping others safe to ensure that we can protect the most vulnerable in society
  4. Support the creation of online space for members to share good practice, resources and get support around the issues and the action they are taking

Whilst we are changing from face-to-face to remote contact, we are:

  • Helping to identify and map groups, initiatives and activities that are arising at hyper-local levels
  • Contributing to the identification of existing groups that can potentially offer support to individuals or particular groups of people
  • Being more proactive in our support of other initiatives and will be helping to establish support in areas where none exists
  • Working across our areas to support each other when the need arises
  • Responsibly sharing information with groups and residents that keeps them up-to-date and involved with the work of Exeter City Council and other organisations
  • Responding to individual offers of help and requests for help to ensure they are linked appropriately
  • Ensuring that support is given where needed to enable groups / associations to use online resources

We are working closely with Exeter City Council and other partners as part of a coordinated response to the crisis. Please see the Exeter Community Wellbeing page for more information.

To get in touch with any member of our team, please click here.

Any changes to this policy will be communicated with existing clients and supporters as appropriate.